Real stories of our donors

Since Juraj is an excellent specialist in the area of his business, he has been given another position in addition to his own job. Together with his wife, they decided not to spend two salaries, to adjust their spending to continue living on one salary and to donate the second one for charitable purposes. We are proud that Way out is one of the recipients, among whom Juraj's family divides his second paycheck each month.

Another friend of ours, also Juraj, was offered a job abroad, where he founded a new family and started his own business. His 500 Euro gift for the Way Out is an expression of his connection with Slovakia, old friends and the support of the country where he grew up. We are very grateful for his trust.

Ivka has a regular job with regular income, raising two young children who have a lot expenditures. Ivka, however, is very keen on our work and believes in it. She set up a regular monthly gift of 5 euros for Way out, which is acceptable for her, and yet, it will be of great help for your work with the poor.

Lydka has always had a strong sense of empathy for the people who are in the greatest need. Even though she lives alone with her son, she decided to make a significant difference and set up a permanent monthly transfer of several tens of euros.

Great thanks to Lydka, Ivka, Juraj and all other regular and one-time donors.