What you can do

Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century and we are experiencing an economic boom, at the same time, we are surrounded by desperate people who often have nothing to eat, who do not have decent clothes for themselves and their children, or who have no place to live. They can not get out of the vicious cycle of poverty alone. Since we were more fortunate at birth, we feel obliged to give a helping hand. Some say, "It is the responsibility of the government to solve these problems." The government is doing something, but often it is only formally. Waiting for the government can be a good excuse, but we do not want to wait for the next decades. Each of us can be part of the solution. How can you contribute? There are many options.

Make a financial contribution

A financial donation is the fastest and often the most appropriate way to get involved. If you support a good organization, it will definitely work with experts who have been working on the topic for a long time, and who can make use of it more effectively. A one-time gift is a great help. Even a more ideal form of support is a regular monthly donation from your account in the amount which is acceptable to you. It is proven that giving makes people happier and gives their life a sense of purpose.

You can support our organization here or by transferring donations directly to our account number.


Keep us informed

IF you know people with similar values who could become supporters of the solution to poverty, you can refer them to an organization of your choice and create a connection.  Maybe you have heard about a call for proposals or you read about a businessman with a good heart, all of this is valuable information which can be very helpful.

In Way out, we are thankful for any good tip.


Become immortal

It is fairly common in the world that people dedicate a smaller or a bigger part of their inheritance to charity. So far, this practice is rather rare in our country, however, it is only a matter of time before it becomes common here as well.  It is the best way to leave a legacy and to continue helping even after one’s death. The gift can be money, real estate or any other assets.

In Way out, we can make sure that the inheritance is helping to get people out of extreme poverty.

Make an in-kind gift

Many things can be recycled things and we can give them a new meaning.

In Way out, we use toys a lot. However, we do not want stuffed animals or more pieces of plastic. We look for things which can be used to develop a brain of a child, such as montessori toys, etc. We also use appropriate (picture) books for the smallest children. Children from marginalized communities often get to their first books in school, which is too late. Sometimes we can help families in need by collecting used, but decent clothing. However, due to logistical reasons, we are unable to receive it often and in large quantities, so it is necessary to make arrangements with us in advance.


Share the good news

Follow the activities or the needs of an organization addressing the issue of poverty, and share their news, ideally with a personal reference.  This will give you a chance to multiply your support or to help find what is needed. 

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Get involved personally

One can help to address the problem of poverty through self-engagement. If you have a good parenting experience or relevant pedagogical know-how in early childhood, you can come to share it at one of our trainings or parent clubs. People living in extreme poverty need middle-class friends and mentors who can help them solve their problems. You can therefore be part of a support network which can empower a person in need when necessary. Let us know if you are interested.

Organize a fundraiser 

Are you organizing a birthday party? Are you about to run a marathon or manage a different challenge? Are you getting ready for a wedding, but you are not interested in getting another set of fancy plates? These are all opportunities which you can use to organize a fundraiser among your friends to support an organization of your choice. An average person has a potential to raise several hundreds or even thousands of euros in such a peer-to-peer campaign. It is also a very exciting life experience.

A nice example of the peer-to-peer campaign. You can easily create a similar one here. 

If you want to do a fundraiser for Way out, we would be happy to guide you through the process.

Involve your company

A company can offer an organization professional services pro-bono (free of charge), such as the work of graphic designers, lawyers, vendors.  It can also offer its meeting room for occasional meetings or trainings, or a free space for a cheap office for a non-profit organization. A company anniversary, Christmas party or a regular teambuilding are all opportunities to give these events a special meaning. Make arrangements with the management and organize a raffle or a fundraiser. You can even suggest voluntary salary deductions which will be sent for an agreed purpose by your financial department from all who sign the agreement. A regular gift of 10 or 20 euros from a salary will probably not ruin anyone financially, but when added together, it can make a huge difference. A company can also involve its customers and offer them rounding up their payments to support the poor or it can link a small donation to every product sold by the company.

If you have an open-minded boss, we will be thankful if you make an introduction on our behalf and connect us. We will be happy to receive any of the things mentioned above.