The mission of the Cesta von organization is to help people trapped in generational poverty to become self-sufficient, find employment and a live a decent life.

What we do

We fulfill the mission of the organization by developing the potential, knowledge, skills and attitudes of disadvantaged individuals from early childhood through adulthood, so that they can enhance their personal, social, spiritual and material resources.  Activities of the organization include counseling, educational, social and publication work, international cooperation and organization of events which will help to reach the set objectives. 

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Our values

  • Empowerment - take initiative and responsibility for yourself and encourage others to do so as well
  • Trustworthiness - play fair, keep your word
  • Reliability - finish what you have started and go the extra mile
  • Cooperation - network, support your team, help others and ask for help
  • Friendliness - be empathetic and kind, build and maintain relationships, respect others
  • Innovations - do not be afraid of change and try to be unique and original
  • Growth - learn constantly, study hard and work on yourself

Annual Reports