Early childhood
is a critical stage and a poverty harms

Research shows that  life in poverty damages brain development at this age. Children living in poverty enter school with developmental delays. They will never overcome this lag. They will not succeed in school. In adulthood, they will not be able to get out of poverty. And this sad story is then repeated over and over again.

Support Omamas in developing children born into poverty

Omamas are women directly from the poor settlements.  We employed and trained them in early care. They work with families with young children up to three years. Children receive stimuli and build a healthier architecture of their brain. They develop their age-appropriate skills, identify shapes, colors, numbers, read and expand their vocabulary. They improve their school-readiness and they make sure that they don’t fall behind. These children will have a chance to continue until graduation.  

Who is missing in the photograph which you can get?

These photographs contain a great deal of  symbolism for us. Each one of them includes a child born into a poor settlement, his or her mother and our Omama.  The toy expresses stimuli which the child receives in order to develop in a healthy way from birth. Each Omama works with 15 poor families.  You can help one of them with your gift. Thanks to you, the connection expressed in this picture will work well and you will become a part of it. 

Omama Vierka
Zborov settlement

Omama Deniska
Kecerovce settlement

Omama Ivetka
Muránska Dlhá Lúka settlement

Omama Sandra
Zborov settlement

We will send you a printed photograph to the address provided by you if you will start to support the Omama project with a permanent payment 10-50 €.

You can support us through a Great Country platform (button above) or  with direct payment to our account number if you prefer a bank transfer.