The FILIP program

In the FILIP program, we accompany families living in exclusion and social need on their way out of poverty. Through family mentoring, we develop their non-financial and financial resources so that they can improve their situation.


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How does it work?

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1. What is the problem?

People from poor communities lack a support system where they could get advice and instructions on how to handle life situations. In their surroundings, they often do not have role models of people who live successfully or have managed the way out of generational poverty. They don’t know the unwritten rules of the middle class or their usual ways of saving. Acute shortages and living from day to day cause a lack of funds needed to handle unexpected situations or necessary investments. Lack of knowledge and at the same time the appearance of quick solutions often lead to disadvantageous loans and spiraling into usury, which only further deepens their poverty.

2. How do we solve it?

The FILIP program responds to the needs of families through a mentor. He is a key person for families, who strengthens their motivation and direction towards change. He helps the family create a development plan and accompanies it in its implementation. By overcoming obstacles and barriers that families encounter when communicating with institutions, the mentor strengthens their self-confidence and belief in their own abilities. The program also includes expert advice in financial literacy, in the area of more economical household setup and debt relief, but also in improving housing and finding and keeping a job.

3. Where are we going?

85 families are involved in the FILIP program, with 8 mentors and 1 job skills coach working with them at various times. In 2024, we want to improve the know-how of the FILIP program, increase the competences of mentors and deepen relations with key actors in the communities. The vision for the far future (2030) is to have 15 mentors, 2 coaches and approximately 200 families involved. The work coach will help selected family members to obtain legal employment, build work habits (regular attendance, communication with the employer) and learn work tasks in order to maintain employment.

We work with experts

Supporting families in the FILIP program requires understanding the many complex problems caused by generational poverty. Together with families, we look for solutions to difficult life situations.


Our intention is to create a model of functional financial education in a difficult environment of exclusion, which will have a real impact on the gradual and long-term improvement of the social situation of families. We want to transform findings and experience from the field into recommendations for system solutions. The experts with whom we consult on legal and financial solutions are represented in the so-called advisory team. It consists of experts in the field of working with indebted clients from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, experts in the field of financial literacy from the 5peňází team from Národná banka Slovenska, experts in law and laws related to consumer protection, and field social workers.

When we at Národná banka Slovenska went with Cesta to the FILIP program, we knew that it would not be about financial lessons at the blackboard. But only in practice did we find out how complex the question of money is connected with human lives. Poverty is not only about lack of money, it is also about lack of other resources that we in the middle class are not aware of because we take them for granted. … Zobraziť viac

Roman Fusek

Director of the Financial Consumer Protection Department of the National Bank of Slovakia

One of the biggest challenges for those trying to get out of poverty is the ability to manage money and have at least a basic awareness of it. How can you manage something you never had before? In poverty, money is seen as an expression of personality and is used for entertainment and maintaining relationships. The idea that money also serves to ensure security is anchored only in the middle class and among the rich.

Philip DeVol

Internationally recognized expert and co-author of the Bridges from Poverty concept

How the family from Kecerovce decided to change their future


Mr. Jozef and his wife took the meeting of the “Filip’s families” as a trip. However, this weekend started him to change. However, this weekend started him to change. He often talked to experts and a priest about how to reintegrate into society.

The family set a monthly budget so that better time management would allow them to upgrade their living space. They want separate rooms for their children, they want to install their own electricity and add a bathroom. Thanks to repayment schedules, they started paying off their debts. Mr. Jozef became a driving force in the family. Now he works in the Czech Republic.

Mentor Viki continues to encourage the family. They solve big and small problems together, but no one knows if their dreams will come true in the end. However, Viki has hope. Mainly thanks to Mr. Jozef, who keeps repeating that things can change if they themselves want to.


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