Gain immortality

Your inheritance or part of it can help future generations to get out of extreme poverty. You can give them back their chance, dreams and hope. You can change their life.

It is common in the world for people to designate a smaller or larger part of their inheritance in their will for a chosen charitable purpose. It is the best way to leave a good mark and help even after death. It can be money, but also real estate or other assets, for example. It is an amazing opportunity to make the world a better place.

Mrs. Zuzana, the first donor who decided to support grandmothers in her will, told us: “When I went to live abroad, I started from scratch and then a few people helped me to have a good new start. I feel it as a fair chance to pass it on and help others, to have a better start. I am a godmother of 4 times. The oldest godson is already a father, the youngest godson is 2 years old. I am very happy to be able to watch their development and I would very much like all children to have the same chances. A small thing for us, a huge support for some families. From the first second, I was an enthusiastic fan of this program and started thinking about how to help omamas. I take it as a fair chance to mention omamy in my will, to pass on something good that was given to me.”

I included the way out in my will. I really wish that even poor children have a better starting line in life. They didn’t choose where they were born. All of us who didn’t grow up poor took many things for granted. We don’t even realize how privileged we are. And I feel like a debtor, to give something away from those privileges.

Zuzana Gehrig

scientific worker, nutritionist and sexologist, donor of the Way Out

If you are thinking of including the Way Out in your will, contact Hela.


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