We are only as strong as we can help the weakest

Our mission

The mission of the Cesta von association is to help people stuck in poverty to stand on their own feet, get a job and a dignified life.


We fulfill it through programs dedicated to children at an early age, young people and adults.


What are we doing

We develop the potential, knowledge, skills and attitudes of socially dependent people from early childhood to old age so that they can improve their personal, social, spiritual and material resources. The association’s activities include consulting, educational, social and publishing activities, international cooperation and organizing events that help achieve the stated goal.

Our values


Take initiative and responsibility for yourself and lead others to do the same.


Play fair, keep your word.


Get the job done and give at least a little more than you need.


Connect, support the team, help and ask for help.


Be empathetic and humane, build and maintain relationships, respect others.


Don’t be afraid of changes and look for original ways.


Always learn, educate, work on yourself.

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