What can you do?

Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century and we are experiencing an economic boom, at the same time there are people living near us who often have nothing to eat or a place to live. They cannot jump out of the vicious circle of poverty by themselves.


Some say: “That should be handled by the state.” Waiting for the state can be a good excuse, but we don’t want to wait another decades. Each of us can be part of the solution. How can you contribute? There are many options.

How can you help?

Donate money

Support for the work of omamas, their training and the purchase of exercise aids


Give a material gift

Find out what material aid we receive.


Join from abroad

Create a community of compatriots who want to help Slovakia.


Create your donation challenge

Celebrate your birthday or run a marathon for omamas.


Gain immortality

Devote part of your inheritance to the development of the poorest children.

Gain immortality

Involve your company in the project

Even your company and its employees can support omamas.


Our donors

Ivka has a regular job with a regular income and is raising two small children who have a lot of expenses. However, Ivka really likes our work and believes in us. She donates a regular monthly donation of 10 euros for Cesta von, which is fine for her and will greatly help our work for the poor.


Juraj moved abroad for work a long time ago, where he started a business in the meantime. His donation of 500 euros to Cesta von is a manifestation of his connection with Slovakia, old friends and support of the country in which he grew up. We are very grateful to him for his trust.

Major donors

We have a dream to give every child from an excluded and poor environment a better start in life. Today, we already employ 44 grandmothers in the settlements, who will help build better foundations for a more successful life for more than 900 children. That is roughly 10% of children aged 0-3 years who are born into marginalized Roma communities.

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