Where one mother simply cannot do it all

Early intervention is one of the most effective ways out of generational poverty. Please support the Omama program which tries to give children from an early childhood a chance for better life.

A better life from the very beginning

Research confirms that if children grow up in extreme poverty, it greatly impacts and delays a healthy development of his or her brain. Stress, hunger, unhealthy lifestyle and inappropriate living conditions negatively impact social, emotional and cognitive growth of a new-born baby. Our brain develops most significantly in the early age up to three years. Our readiness for school, our ability to thrive in our studies and in our productive adult life, they all stand on the potential  the building blocks of which were established in early childhood. Therefore, in the Omama program, we use a method which helps children born into generational poverty to develop their potential starting from pregnancy up to three years. Through educational activities, games and counseling carried out directly in the families’ s homes and in parents clubs, we increase the number of appropriate stimuli for a healthy child development, we build parenting skills and improve the family environment.  

We offer employment to women

We are convinced that the best ambassadors of better parenting in poverty-afflicted conditions are women who come from the same environment.  They have a personal experience with the world of poverty and they can advise other mothers or fathers in a language which they can understand.  In specific communities, we therefore select the most appropriate candidates to whom we will offer the necessary training, the opportunity to acquire work habits and a possibility of a long-term employment.  Our project will become an incubator in which they can work, develop their sense of responsibility and their skills under the guidance and mentorship of an experienced mentor. After one or several years of employment in our program, we would like to help them move on and find a regular job outside of our organization , for example, as caretakers.  Consequently, we will employ other women from the community with the best references.


Do you want to help people find a way out of poverty?

„When I travel around the country, I am interested in particular solutions that help families and children get out of poverty. While visiting Zborov, I watched with admiration a lesson of the Omama program, which supports the development and education of the youngest Roma children from birth and is based on cooperation with mothers. I will advocate for the adoption of the valuable experience and working models of the Omama program and other similar initiatives into state policies and systematic solutions.“

Zuzana Čaputová, The President of the Slovak Republic, September 2019

"In the world of economic policy, there are only few such measures, where every single euro spent not only has a high return for society, but also reduces income disparities. Investment in pre-school education (0 to 5 years) of children from marginalized groups is just such a clear exception."

Ľudovít Ódor, Vice governor of the National Bank of Slovakia, March 2021

In 2019, our omamas have won the first place in a prestigious international award SozialMarie that recognizes the best social innovations in Central Europe. The project was selected from among 224 projects from six countries. This was the first time in 15 years that an organization from Slovakia was awarded the first place.

Our partners

It is an honour for us to be able partner with these experienced organizations:

OZ Vyrovnávanie šancí/Equal chances

We are a member of the following platforms:

Mosty z generačnej chudoby/Bridges from generational poverty

Asociácia poskytovateľov a podporovateľov včasnej intervencie/Association of Early Intervention Providers and Supporters

Thank you for your support

Our help to those living in extreme poverty would not be possible without the support of these wonderful donors:

National Bank of Slovakia
Porticus Amsterdam CV
Stepic CEE Charity
SPP, a.s.
Bader Philanthropies
Ekopolis Foundation

Javys, a.s.
DHR-Direkthilfe Roma
German Embassy
Embassy of the Netherlands
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
EPH Foundation

We are funded by other instituitional donors, foundations, companies and by individuals like you. All details can be found on this page.

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